Seb Chapman

Founder - CEO

About me

A unique blend of agricultural roots and cutting-edge technology, holding a vision to revolutionize agricultural problems through smart solutions.

Raised on a sheep and beef farm with a small plum orchard in the small Horowhenua town of Manakau, my weekends were spent in the hills with my brother and cousins at my Grandad's dairy and sheep farm. After school I joined Easton's Dairy Farm after graduating school, a leader in the New Zealand Dairy industry, where we were lauded for our innovative farming techniques, garnering awards and media attention.

After completing my Diploma in Agricultural Business and Science, I took to the world. I traveled to Canada to ride my Mountain Bike. During the off-season, I worked on grain farms in Australia, a period that granted me the space to contemplate my career trajectory.

A revelation struck me in the quiet cabin of an Australian tractor, seeing the use of GPS in tractors: software has the untapped potential to enrich lives dramatically. Eager to explore this avenue, I returned to academic life, enrolling in Software Engineering and Economics at Massey University. Juggling my studies with a full-time Project Manager role in Queenstown, then enrolling in a bootcamp at Enspiral Dev Academy in 2020 to learn the practical skills needed to make an impact.

Beyond work I love reading, with a focus on psychology, diving into works by Kahneman, Von Mises, Carnegie, and many others. I still enjoy riding my bikes and also try to get down to the south coast for some surf from time to time. With a foot in both the agricultural and tech worlds, I'm very excited about the next decade in the Ag tech space.