Easily manage every tree. Create logs, assign tasks and track phenotypes.

FruitMinder lets you create logs and tasks that can be set at an orchard, blocks, rows, or tree level, allowing easy management at the macro and the micro level. Never loose a bit of information about your orchard or vineyard again.

With in-depth characteristics about your trees, filtering phenotype data like fruit-counts by age, tree variety and and growing strategy can be done in the palm of your hand

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Structure your orchards data

Our GIS backend allows you to add data layers to your FruitMinder App

Set up Locations

We know how every farm is different, and that growers often have multiple locations withing their operation, so we've made it so you can create as many locations as needed

Import row data

Using a geojson file, you can import the GPS positions of each of your rows

Organize with blocks

Set up different blocks that you use to manage your orchard

Add characteristics to any level

Characteristics are what we use to describe thing that don't change, or at least don't change often about our trees. This may include things like fruit type, fruit variety, and growing strategy.

Add Management Areas

Management areas are a random collection of trees or vines. Use cases may be to set up a group of census trees or to manage unique areas like low lying or dry parts of the orchard.

a qr code that is used to scan the tree and track the health and lifecycle of the tree
Every tree is identified with it's own virtual GPS tag, and can be augmented with a QR code. This can be picked up on a mobile device by employees using the app or robotic solutions when scanning your orchard.
fruit minder is an app that helps with the help projection of trees
Fuitminder lets Orchardists and their employees enter logs. Simply pull up the GPS unique ID for the tree, take photos if need be, and post the entry as a log.
Using the fruitiminder app to update the health of the cherry tree
Log's created by both employees and our partner's integrated computer vision scanning systems are entered into the app and can be then set as tasks and assigned to employees. This lets you spot spray, saving on expensive chemicals, and time identifying problems.
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