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Fruitminder - Orchard management software that just makes sense. We supercharge your orchards production by tracking your data on every tree, giving you insights and providing access to integrated AI.
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An orchards trees are its assets. we believe in taking care of them
Fruitminder lets you create GPS-mapped digital twins of your orchard, create logs to manage changes, and assign tasks to stay on top of what needs doing
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a qr code that is used to scan the tree and track the health and lifecycle of the tree
Every tree is identified with it's own virtual GPS tag, this can be picked up on a mobile device by employees using the app or robotic solutions when scanning your orchard.
fruit minder is an app that helps with the help projection of trees
Fuitminder lets Orchardists and their employees enter logs. Simply pull up the GPS unique ID for the tree, take photos if need be, and post the entry as a log.
Using the fruitiminder app to update the health of the cherry tree
Log's created by both employees and our partner's integrated computer vision scanning systems are entered into the app and can be then set as tasks and assigned to employees. This lets you spot spray, saving on expensive chemicals, and time identifying problems.

Who we are

Duncan Faulkner (left), CEO and Founder of Southern Software has been running tech companies in the Southern lakes district for the last decade. He brings the experience of bringing new tech products from vision to reality.

Fruitminder is the brainchild of Mike Casey (center), owner of Forest Lodge Orchard in Cromwell, New Zealand. Forest Lodge is New Zealand's first zero fossil fuels food producer. Alongside the orchard Mike has co-founded NZ0 to bring zero fossil fuel produce to supermarkets, and make it accessible for everybody.

Seb Chapman (right) Fruitminder CEO, Comes from a background in project management. A Software engineer by trade, and Economist by hobby, he's extremely passionate about transitioning Agriculture and Horticulture into Sustainable and productive business models.

fruit minder founders at the first orchard to implement the technology
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We're now set up on a handleful of beta customers orchards around the country! We're in the process of bringing some groundbreaking technology from research to the real world. Technology that will fundementally change what is possible in the primary sector and beyond.

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